‘Pope Francis’ Claims Mary Was ‘Assumed Into Heaven Body and Soul’ on Feast of Assumption

Pope_Francis_in_March_2013-300x200ROME — Jorge Bergoglio, also known as “Pope Francis,” asked for Mary to intercede for the oppressed on Monday and claimed to the thousands gathered to observe what is known as the Roman Catholic “Feast of the Assumption” that she had been “assumed into Heaven body and soul.”

“To the Queen of Peace, who we contemplate today in heavenly glory, I wish to entrust once again the anxieties and sufferings of the people who, in many parts of the world, are innocent victims of persistent conflict,” he said.  Continue reading

Snake pastor ‘shows power’ by driving over 2 congregants

Pretoria – Controversial “snake pastor” Penuel Mnguni is back in the public eye again, this time after images of him driving over his congregants were posted on social media.

The Facebook page for his End Times Disciples Ministries showed images of Mnguni behind the wheel of a car, driving over two people outside the Kameelrivier B stadium hall on June 3.

The text accompanying the pictures said they showed a “demonstration of power”.  Continue reading

North Colombia woman killed in failed exorcism attempt

hospitalA woman from the north of Colombia has died after a self-proclaimed witch set her ablaze in a fatal attempt to rid the victim of “evil spirits,”  local media reported Tuesday.

The fatal accident happened in Buenavista, a town in the Caribbean province of Sucre, where the 36-year-old victim had called in the help from a local lady who claimed supernatural powers some 10 days ago.  Continue reading…

Scientists finally prove there IS life after death but we might not be going to heaven

ghostA team of British researchers have “confirmed” that consciousness can go on when someone dies but the study also uncovered some disturbing aspects of the so-called afterlife.

The scientists looked at the cases of over 2,000 people and have established that thoughts continue on after their hearts stops beating.

They found that those who experienced some awareness, only two percent said their experience was consistent with the feeling of an outer body experience where an individual is completely aware and can hear and see what’s going on around them when their heart stops beating.  Continue reading…

Nearly 100 schoolchildren ‘possessed by the devil’ have ‘contagious visions’ of man in black trying to kill them

pay-100-schoolkids-possessed-by-devilAlmost 100 schoolchildren are thought to have been ‘possessed’ by the devil – and see visions of a man in black trying to kill them.

In what has been described as a mass case of demonic possession, the pupils in Peru are experiencing seizures alongside their horrifying hallucinations.

Experts have struggled to explain the strange goings-on, which also include widespread convulsions and fainting at the school , reportedly built on a Mafia graveyard.  Continue reading…