Pope urges Lutherans to set aside doctrine to work together

1476364732678“Pope Francis is urging Lutherans to set aside doctrinal differences and work with Catholics to care for the poor, the sick and refugees as he lays out his vision for greater communion ahead of his visit to Sweden later this month. Francis greeted about 1,000 Lutherans on Thursday. The group was visiting the Vatican after Germany, where Martin Luther famously sparked the Protestant Reformation by nailing his 95 theses to a church door to challenge the abuses of the Catholic Church.” –Source

This will work for the Pope because in today’s world most religious leaders have ignored their forefathers and so their flock will follow them instead of the Lord. I have a list of ALL the forefathers posted here wherein you can see 100% of them declared the Pope to be either the beast or Antichrist himself. But because Satan will never let up in this relentless war of his, and sinceprophecy will be fulfilled, all the churches of the world, and sadly this includes the SDA church, will join hands with the Pope so as to set up their armed forces against the obedient people of God in what prophecy declares Armageddon. So be it, we know how that will come out; because just as that prophecy is the prophecy of their hatred towards us has been fulfilled, so will the prophecy that says they will fail in their final battle and Christ will win the long prophesied war and be forever King of kings and Lord of lords in the ENTIRE Universe.   Continue reading

Baptist Pastor: Stand for national anthem or be shot!

21083547-mmmain“If you don’t want to stand for the national anthem, you can line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots at you since they’re taking shots for you,” the announcer said at the game versus Houston County High School, according to Facebook poster Denise Crowley-Whitfield. Crowley-Whitfield said the crowd went “crazy cheering” following the speech. The announcer was identified as Pastor Allen Joyner, of Sweet Home Baptist Church in McKenzie, according to Joyner’s relatives and friends, who also posted to Facebook and praised the statement.” –Source

If you look at the pic that I posted for the article on the left you will see that after echoing the pastor’s unChristian words, she said “I desperately needed to see some good in this world after a disheartening week.” What good is she talking about? A violent sporting event designed long ago to make violent acts against your fellow man appear not only good, but necessary when seeking some “time off” enjoying a game? Or was she talking about the pastor’s crazed comments about killing his fellow man for not standing during a national anthem? Or worse yet, was she talking about imagining lining up her friends and neighbors for a firing squad to kill them that refuse to stand for a national anthem?   Continue reading

As a follower of Jesus it is your duty to vote, says US Episcopal Church leader

michael-curryThe leader of the US Episcopal Church is calling on all Americans to remember their “duty” and “obligation” to vote.

In a video posted as part of The Episcopal Church’s election resources, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry says it is time for citizens to prepare to elect their new president as well as governmental leaders on a variety of levels.

America heads to the polls on 8 November. The church has launched an “election pledge” as part of its campaign to persuade all citizens to use their vote. Continue reading

‘EU WANTS AN EMPIRE’ Brussels hope to expand its influence as far as ASIA and AFRICA

The latest EU foreign policy document, titled Global Strategy, calls for an extended reach into new spheres as distant as the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

It also outlined “gradual synchronisation and mutual adaptation” between different member states’ individual defence strategies.

Ukip’s defence spokesman Mike Hookem said: “The EU wants its own Empire as former Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso made clear when he was in charge.

“This global strategy by the EU is yet another reason why last Thursday’s result was a lucky escape for the UK.”

Continue reading

VIDEO: Court Forcing 501c3 Pastor to Pay Nearly a Half-Million Dollars Over Free Speech Settlement

“All he did was circulate recall petitions, the bishop says. Two federal courts and the state attorney general have sided with him. But the former mayor and a local judge appear out for blood to the tune of $475,000 straight from the pocket of Bishop Tom Brown. “This is the most unjust action that has ever taken place against any church in the United States of America,” Brown says. He leads Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas.” –Source

What this pastor and all the unknowing people that may eventually send him the $475,000 he needs is, it’s all HIS FAULT! This is not a free speech situation at all and so I see no reason topost it as such. If this pastor, like all the other pastors that signed unto the 501c3 trap that was prophesied thousands of years ago would have read the contract they were signing, he would know it’s written right into it that once he signed that contract he can no longer speak politically from his pulpit. And so now he’s in hot water after getting caught telling his people in the church to recall the Mayor. And he deserves to be in trouble because he reneged on the contract. But for some odd reason he is saying this is all an unjust action of the city and State? How’s that possible when he agreed to stop preaching on politics?  Continue Reading…

Our new alliance unites 600m city dwellers in fight against climate change

When it comes to confronting climate change, the world’s cities are proving that there’s strength in unity. The historic climate agreement reached in Paris in December, which was approved by nearly all of the world’s nations, was made possible in part by the progress that cities have made by working together.

Today, the two biggest coalitions of cities in the world – the EU-based Covenant of Mayors and the UN-backed Compact of Mayors – are forming an alliance to link more than 600 million city dwellers in the fight against climate change.  Continue reading